Did you know that Ghana has miles of great coastline with undiscovered surf breaks? Ali Royal Surf Camp is located near Cape Coast and provides surf experiences to local kids and travelers who want to surf.


Over the past years, Ali and his team have been motivating nearby village kids to go to school by rewarding them with surf and soccer sessions. He started the program with a few foam boards donated by South African surfers who loved his vision. He hopes to acquire more surfboards to increase the reach of his efforts.


Ali hopes to partner with local hotels to rent out surfboards out of the local hotels, with the ultimate vision of opening his own accommodations on the beach.

The surf camp is a work in progress! You can come visit and give the village kids a few hours of surf lessons one day. Or you can meet Ali Royal for a tour of the locations. An exciting activity you can feel good about!


There are a few hotels on the beach, but not much tourist infrastructure. To visit Anomabo's breaks is an adventure: and what you miss in backpacker hostels is what you gain in waves all to yourself.



Please consider bringing a surfboard (or two!) to Ghana when you come. It's virtually impossible to buy a surfboard in Ghana, but Ali Royal Surf Camp depends on donations from travelers. Pack a board on the airplane, explore the spots on Ghana's expansive coast, and then leave your board with Ali knowing that the kids will get great pleasure from it for years to come!


You can also donate money directly to Ali Royal Surf and Soccer Foundation. 


Our perfect beach house provides everything you will need to fully enjoy your stay in Anomabo Beach Resort , Central Region , GHANA


Rooms, Surf lessons , Dishes/ Nutrition & Transportation are affordable so kindly contact Us Now:


Tel: +233242620623


Email: aliroyalsurfcamp@gmail.com


Whatsapp: +233242620623

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Email; aliroyalsurfcamp@gmail.com
Tel: +233 24 262 0623 

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